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10 outstanding Chilean series of recent years

10 outstanding Chilean series of recent years

This year as never before, Chilean audiovisual production was called to shine in the European Film Market, one of the sections of the Berlin Festival, also known as Berlinale.

Chile is the “Focus Country”, the main guest of this market these days, one of the three most important along with Cannes and Toronto. Only Mexico has been the previous Latin American country as Country in Focus.

The interesting thing is that not only Chilean cinema has a place in this instance. One of the specialized sections that takes place in parallel is the Series Market, focused on television production and which invited a group of five Chilean production houses to show and share some of their latest productions.

In this framework, on Monday, February 24, Nicolás Acuña from Promocine, stood out by exhibiting at the 2020 Chilean Series on the Rise Showcase.

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