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“An example of rebellion and love”: the first series on the life of Gladys Marín

“An example of rebellion and love”: the first series on the life of Gladys Marín

Dominga Sotomayor and Nicolás Acuña work in the first stages of a fiction about the leader of the Communist Party. An “intimate portrait against the historical backdrop” that would consist of eight chapters. It is part of the fifty series that the local industry is preparing for the coming years and that, grouped in a CinemaChile catalog, show their cards in the market that is taking place these days in Cannes.


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According to her synopsis, it is “an intimate portrait with the historical backdrop that brings to the present the example of rebellion and love that she carried until the last day.” The project, still in the development stage (it has yet to secure its financing and its writing process), will have direction and scripts by Sotomayor, one of the most renowned national authors of the last decade, thanks to her films From Thursday to Sunday (2012 ) and Late to Die Young (2018). This year she made her debut at the Cannes Film Festival with the collective film The year of the everlasting storm, made up of short films made in a pandemic.

In the production of the series about Marín, she is paired with Nicolás Acuña, who with his company Promocine has built one of the most prolific careers in the local sphere of the series. He has served as director of the first season of Sitiados, as well as of El substituzante, Berko, el arte de callar and recently Inés del alma mía.


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