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Chile presents “Bahía Azul” at a film festival in California

Chile presents “Bahía Azul” at a film festival in California

“Bahía Azul” is the name of the film directed by Nicolás Acuña that will be presented on Wednesday, May 2, in the Latino Showcase Section of the 13th Newport Beach Film Festival, which is held in the city of California in the USA.

The film directed by Acuña, has the performance of María Izquierdo, Antonio Campos, Marcial Tagle, Catalina Saavedra, Mariana Loyola, among others. The film tells the story of a teenager named Martín, who visits his mother who lives on a plot in front of the sea and is accompanied by a woman. The visit will bring about a disagreement between the two, which will make the protagonist (Antonio Campos) relate to other characters that will increasingly separate him from his mother, to the point of leading him to disappear. The film exposes Martín’s existential drift and how he walks between environments that are increasingly alien to him.

Nicolás Acuña is a film and television director. His work adds a long list of films and series, among which are “Cárcel de Mujeres”, “Los archivos del Cardenal” and the feature film, “Paraíso B”, among other important productions.

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